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"I rented my townhouse in Gainesville through William and his staff ARMI in 2011 and I honestly can’t imagine if we had went in a different direction. They have been great every step of the way. Thanks again for the peace of mind!" - Alpoor Reedy

"ARMI is an excellent company to work with. They rented my house in a matter of days, found a great tenant, and are incredibly responsive with any questions and/or concerns we have about the house. In addition Trey was instrumental in helping us find, buy and close on our new home. His expertise in real estate, his local knowledge and his extensive contacts helped us tremendously in every step of the process." - Patrick Heijmen


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Northern Virginia Property Management Blog

Should I Rent or Sell my Home When Being Transferred from Northern Virginia?

Web Admin - Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A number of people are called away from home due to work obligations, and they naturally wonder what to do with their property – should they sell it or hold onto it and rent it out? There are several things to consider when you’re making this decision.

Equity and Finances

If you don’t have a lot of equity in your home, there’s a good chance you’ll lose money if you sell it. While the real estate market in Northern Virginia is recovering, it’s still a long way from regaining the strength it once had. Waiting for a few years to sell might make sense while the home continues to appreciate in value.

Plans to Return

If your move out of the area is temporary, you will need a home to come back to. That’s a good reason to hold onto your property and rent it out until you need it again.

Income Potential

Even if you’re not sure when you’ll be back, a rental property in Northern Virginia has the potential to give you great investment returns. This asset will give you short term gains in the form of rental income as well as long term gains in the form of appreciation. While selling the property might give you a larger, one-time cash flow, there will be tax consequences and a lot of waiting while it’s marketed, shown, inspected and evaluated. You may not close until after you have left town, whereas if you have it on the rental market, your rental income can begin as soon as you vacate the house and a tenant moves in.

Hire a Professional

You may be worried about how you’re going to be a landlord when you’re not even living in the area. A professional property management company can take that burden off your shoulders and take care of everything pertaining to your property. Your property manager will find you a tenant, screen the tenant, keep the property maintained, collect rent and take care of the day to day operations of that home. You’ll have access to all the information you need without having to worry about any of the hands-on work.

If you’re still not sure whether selling or renting makes sense for you, talk to someone who has experience in both markets. We are full time property managers who are also licensed real estate agents. Contact us at ARMI Property Management, and we’ll help you make the right decision.

What Does a Property Management Company Handle in Northern Virginia?

Web Admin - Thursday, June 11, 2015
People often ask us what exactly we do for our clients. Property management is a lot more than simply finding tenants and collecting rent. On today’s blog, we’re discussing what a property management company handles on your behalf. 

Before a Tenancy 

Before anyone moves into your property, a management company will make sure the place is ready for the rental market. This means ensuring the place is clean, functional and appealing to potential renters. We will also take care of all the marketing, advertising and showings. Once we get some interest, we’ll collect applications and screen tenants. There will be a complete move-in inspection completed, with detailed descriptions of the property’s condition and a number of pictures to document how the place looks. Then, we’ll draft a lease that’s legally compliant in Virginia and take the tenant’s security deposit, which we will hold in a separate escrow account until move out. 

During a Tenancy 

Once tenants have moved in, we’ll be available for any questions or problems they have during and after the move-in process. We’ll make sure they understand the lease and all the expectations that come with it. Your professional property manager will respond to maintenance requests, regularly inspect the property to ensure the tenants are abiding by the lease and collect rent. You’ll receive your rental payments electronically, as well as a monthly accounting statement. 

After a Tenancy 

Retaining tenants is something we strive for because low turnover costs less money and reduces vacancy. However, if your tenants notify us of plans to move, we will immediately begin a search for new tenants to ensure there isn’t a large gap of time where the place is empty. We’ll do a move-out inspection and take pictures so we can compare the condition of the house at move-out to the way it looked before the tenants moved in. Then, we will deduct any charges for damages that were left behind and return any remaining portion of the security deposit to the tenants. 

A good property management company will customize its services to meet your needs. If you’d like to hear more about what you can expect, please contact us at ARMI Property Management. Also, be sure to check out our video on our home page!

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