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Are you a Landlord that has been managing your own rental property? Maybe it started out OK, but after a few months, or years things deteriorated. The neighbors have started to complain, the tenant has stopped paying, and worst of all you think they may be damaging your home! You know that evicting a tenant in Northern Virginia can be very expensive to do by yourself. Court appearances are time consuming and no place to be learning about the eviction process. You’ve tried being the nice guy, you’ve tried being the tough guy. You’ve tried patience, compassion, pro-action, and persistence…Now you are at the end of your rope! Well, ARMI is here to throw you a line. Even when things are at their worst we are here to Save You!

In 20 + years in business there is not too much we haven’t seen and in some cases, as soon as we start to take over things improve immediately! Tenants straighten up, start to pay their rent, and take care of the property. While this doesn’t happen 100% of the time you would be surprised to learn how often it actually does once the property is in the hands of professional management.

In certain cases the relationship is beyond repair and we must initiate the eviction process. Not to worry though, we are here to lead you through the process either way! We are here to Save the Day by doing all of the following where applicable;

  • Formal Professional Mediation and Negotiation with current tenant
  • Formal violation notice processing via certified mail and process server where required
  • Pre Eviction Notices
  • Evicting the current tenant through certified legal counsel
  • Post Eviction Repairs
  • Clean up the property and get it “ready to rent” for the next tenant, using our vendors at your expense.
  • Market the property
  • Find, screen and lease to a new tenant at our normal rate
  • Manage that tenant and your property at our normal rate

The cost for this service is a one time fee of $325 plus a yearly commitment to us to serve as your property manager and start earning real money from your property. Then all you have to do is “Relax and Let the Experts Handle It!”

To get started call either of our offices, request info in the form to the right, or email us at propertymanager@armiva.com and a Broker for ARMI will be in touch with you ASAP to get started!

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